Quadernillos, one of our main assets made big progress during 2017

By January 4, 2018News

Quadernillos Shopping and Leisure Center continued reforming its facilities and expanding the commercial and service offer during 2017 in order to provide a more pleasant shopping and leisure experience for its clients. Specifically the improvement of the 2.000-spot-parking lot in March.

Our last improvement is that we have just concluded a long process of modernization of the access to the shopping center, with improvements in the entry from highway A-2, the creation of a deceleration lane and the complete rearrangement of the roundabout. This last improvement include 2 lanes of 4 meters each and two new escape routes as you can see in the picture.

Quadernillos has also updated and expanded its commercial offer with top market leaders such as “Carter Cash”, “Banak Importa”, “Brasa y Leña”, “Maxcolchon” and “Ginos”.

Thank you to everybody that made it possible!