TSL Coimbra, Coimbra

TSL Coimbra Ribeira is a 12,300m2 project located in a Unesco World Heritage Site on the riverfront in the historic and distinguished university town of Coimbra. It adjoins the botanical gardens that connect directly to the heart of the main university. The residence will comprise a partial new build and a partial redevelopment of the former EDP headquarters in Coimbra. In addition to 345 studios there will be an indoor swimming pool, movie theatre, gymnasium, chill-out areas, common rooms, and private dinner party rooms.

  • Site acquired: June 2018
  • Estimated opening: September 2020
  • City centre location in a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • 12,300m2 of constructed area with 345 studios

TSL Coimbra
Coimbra , Portugal
June 2018